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Writing a Dental Hygienist Cover Letter: What to Include

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Are you beginning a career as a dental hygienist? If so, things are looking good!

In 2018, dental hygienist positions saw the most growth in Canada and the dental industry has a promising outlook as 2020 approaches.

While dental hygienists are in demand, it’s still important to put together an outstanding dental hygienist cover letter. Your cover letter is a way for you to elaborate on your CVV. Go into details about how your past experience makes you an extraordinary candidate for the position.

Keep reading to learn how to write a dental hygienist cover letter that’s guaranteed to spark interest in a hiring manager.

Start With Your Education

Your first paragraph should focus on academics. Tell the employer about your relevant educational degrees and certifications.

In this section, elaborate on areas of your studies that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you received specialized training in equipment sterilisation, root planning, or cosmetic dentistry, mention it here.

You may also want to go into detail about where you received your degree. If you attended a specialized dental academy, mention how the school ranks or how the entire education is focused on oral care.

Then Discuss Your Experience

After mentioning your degree and academic achievements, move onto discussing relevant work experience. This includes apprenticeships, internships, and previous employments.

Your experience is the bulk of your cover letter. Do not just list your previous employers. Instead, go into brief detail about the work you completed and what you learned in your prior positions.

Examples include working with certain populations (especially children) or operating specific types of dental equipment.

When discussing the past experience, start with the oldest relevant position and work your way to your current position.

As you mention your previous dental hygienist position, be sure to note why you’re looking to move to a new company. Be as honest as you can. Mention how you’re looking for a new position to grow your career and teach you more about the oral care industry.

Finish With What Makes You an Exceptional Hire

Your last paragraph needs to tie your cover letter together in a way that a potential employer will remember. Mention a few key traits that make you a great dental hygienist and fantastic employee.

Incorporate keywords from the position’s description and tie them into your closing paragraph. Most dental hygienist job postings look for people who are friendly, detail-oriented and have good communication skills. If you can, use those types of descriptive words in your final paragraph to describe yourself.

Remember to make whoever is reading your cover letter believe you are a perfect match for the dental hygienist position they are hiring for.

Finish your cover letter with your phone number and email address. The last sentence should thank the reader for their time.

Are You Ready to Write Your Dental Hygienist Cover Letter?

Do you feel prepared enough to begin your dental hygienist cover letter? It may take a few rounds of editing, but soon you’ll create a cover letter that will guarantee a call back from every employer who reads it.

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