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Top 6 Healthcare Jobs of 2018

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Jobs in healthcare have risen over the last few years. More and more people are seeing the benefits of taking positions in healthcare.

When it comes to choosing a career in the medical field, it can be hard to make a choice. You need to know what’s out there, and what’s right for you. That’s why you should keep reading this list of the top healthcare jobs the industry has to offer.

Top 10 Healthcare Jobs

Here are some of the top jobs in the medical field. Find out what each one requires and which one is right for you.

1. Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assistant jobs are some of the most popular in healthcare. Likely, it has something to do with the ease with which someone can become one. This position requires you to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Exam.

If you get a master’s in healthcare administration, you can even move your way up to other job positions.

2. Nursing Assistant

Nursing is a common degree field. But did you know you can become a nursing assistant much faster?

Being a certified nursing assistant consist of several tasks:

  • Helping the registered nurse
  • Giving sponge baths
  • Organizing equipment
  • Taking vitals

Working as a CNA doesn’t limit you to working in a hospital setting only. You can work in nursing homes, assisted living, and much more.

3. Licensed Practical Nurse

As a licensed practical nurse, or LPN, you’ll have a few important tasks:

  • Drawing blood
  • Taking vitals
  • Keeping charts
  • Keeping patient records

Like becoming a CNA, LPN’s have the option of working in most healthcare facilities.

4. Pharmacy Technician

Not interested in the hospital scene? You don’t have to want to work with patients and physicians to be in healthcare.

Pharmacy technicians work close to pharmacists. They help fulfill prescriptions and help customers in the pharmacy. This is the perfect step if you’re looking for a career as a pharmacist.

5. Dental Assistant

Most people don’t think of dental when they’re talking about medical careers. Though they’re as good as the rest of the careers in healthcare. Dentists and their assistants are essential healthcare professionals. Things you can expect to do as an assistant:

  • Keep patient records
  • Administrative duties
  • Oral cleaning prep

You can get certified as a dental assistant in as little as ten months if you work hard.

6. Dental Hygienist

Sticking with the subject of oral health care, dental hygiene is another great option. Assist the dentist with teeth cleanings and get to know the patients. You can even help with oral surgeries and procedures.

Getting the education to become a dental hygienist is easy, as well. You’ll spend longer on it than dental assisting, but it’ll be worth it.

Healthcare Education

There are plenty of opportunities for healthcare jobs, and the job market is wide open. No matter what you choose, being in the medical field is a big undertaking. Getting into the right program can be difficult unless you choose the right school.

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