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Tips to Help You Get Through Dental Hygienist School

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As a future dental hygienist, you know that you have a lot of hard work in between you and your career. Sure, dental hygienist school is difficult and requires full dedication. But how rewarding would it be to graduate college without any effort?

All those long nights of studying and stressful days of learning are worth it in the end when your hard work pays off with a rewarding dental hygiene career. But before you start losing hairs over the thought of school beginning, take a look at these helpful tips to get you through dental hygienist school!

Prioritize For Balance

The first thing you’ll want to do is prioritize for balance. Make a list of the essentials, the necessities, and the desirables. Your essentials are your number one top priorities.

Your essentials are all of the things that you need to be functioning at the highest level. Everyone’s essentials are different but many include personal growth, health, family, and religion. Your necessities are all of the things that you’ll need to make a schedule for.

Necessities might include class times, study times, and study group sessions. Place these events on your calendar. The last things you’ll want to add in are your desirables.

Your desirables are all of the things that you enjoy doing and should do but not at the cost of your essentials and necessities. Add these in around your calendar.

Gather a Support Team

When on your college journey, you’ll need to gather a solid support team to have your back. You’re going to deal with high-stress situations, moments of self-doubt, and much more. Not only is it nice to have friends and family members supporting you, but it’s nice to have a support team made up of classmates as well.

No one understands your struggles better than your classmates. You’re all experiencing the same things together and should rely on one another for support, comfort, inspiration, and motivation.

Enhance Your Study Skills

While in dental hygienist school, you’ll need to enhance your study skills. This means learning how you study best and implementing that into your study routine. It’s always a good idea to set aside time for independent study and group study.

Do you learn best with flashcards? Do videos help you remember? Does having open conversations about a subject force you to grasp ideas?

There are several different study strategies that you can test on yourself.

Focus on the Now

Don’t let the idea of multiple assignments due at the end of the semester weigh you down. Focus on the now. Take it one day at a time rather than stressing out about things you cannot control.

If your class permits, you might be able to work on big class projects due at the end of the semester during the entire semester. Work on these big projects little by little fitting work time around your priority list. If you aren’t given instructions for projects in advanced, then focus on what you can do.

Don’t let the future stress you out in the present.

Attending Dental Hygienist School

Are you considering attending a dental hygienist school? If you are, then these helpful tips are a great way to reduce college stress! With these tips in mind, nothing’s stopping you from starting down the path to your dental hygiene career!

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