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The Success of Dental Assisting Careers: Where Your Dental Assistant License Can Take You

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High income, job stability, great work-life balance, and more

These are just some of the great things you can expect if you pursue a career in dental assisting. But does that mean you can only work in a dental clinic?

Like other myths or misconceptions about dental assisting careers, this idea that you can only work in a dental clinic needs to be dispelled. If you’re thinking about obtaining a dental assistant license, read on to know the possible opportunities that wait for you as you strive for success in your career.

Dental Assisting Careers: A Brief Overview

Some people think that a dental assistant is the same thing as a dental hygienist. But they can be very different.

True, they both assist dentists, and their responsibilities could overlap. But dental hygienists earn more and their scope of practice is wider. That doesn’t mean though that a dental assistant career wouldn’t be as satisfying or rewarding as that of a dental hygienist.

In fact, it may be a better fit for you if you don’t want to undergo more education. You can get to work as soon as you get certified. And in some Canadian provinces, you can even work as a non-certified dental assistant.

What About Dental Technicians?

Dental technicians are also an important part of the oral healthcare team. But they don’t have any direct contact with patients.

They also don’t work in dentists’ offices, unlike dental assistants and hygienists. Mostly, they work in laboratories as their job involves the making of dental prosthetics (e.g. bridges, crowns, etc.).

So while they do “assist” dentists in delivering dental healthcare, they don’t do it to the degree that dental hygienists and assistants do. That said, being a dental tech may not be the dental assisting career for you if you prefer to work closely with patients and of course, dentists.

Achieving Success in Your Dental Assisting Career

If at some point in your career as a dental assistant, you’ve decided you don’t want to work in a dental office anymore, there are other career paths you can consider.

For example, you could go into teaching. As a dental assistant instructor, you’ll be guiding and training students so they too can achieve success in their dental assisting career.

You can also try sales and marketing. Dental sales reps work closely with dentists and their staff to help them with their supplies and equipment needs.

It’s an exciting job that will require you to be on the field a lot. But it’s rewarding if you like networking and helping dental offices grow and become more efficient.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in becoming a dental hygienist or assistant, the right dental college will help set you on the path to success.

For more information on dental assisting careers and how you can have the best one, check out our dental education programs.

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