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The Highest Paying Jobs That Only Require 2-Year Degrees

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Four years of school isn’t for everyone.

Perhaps you’re trying to avoid the $26,000 of student debt that the average student in Canada graduates with. Or perhaps you just cringe at the idea of several more years of school.

But isn’t a 4-year degree integral to getting a solid, high-paying job?

Not necessarily.

Check out these 2-year degrees that can help you land a job with a decent income and save yourself two years of school and student debt at the same time.

Dental Hygienist

Want to help the world smile with confidence?

Dental hygienists play an important role in dentistry. They help clean teeth and provide preventative dental care in the dentist’s office. They also provide patient education to help patients maintain their day-today oral health — something that’s vital to keeping their smile beautiful and intact.

In return, dental hygienists make a comfortable salary. On average, they make $68,250 per year with the top hygienists enjoying up to $95,843. Not too shabby for only two years of study!

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Does the idea of helping people with their health appeal to you?

But perhaps the idea of working in their mouths is a little offputting. How about breaking the news to expectant parents about whether their little bundle of joy is a girl or a boy?

You can also help doctors diagnose medical conditions by providing images of inside the patient’s body.

It only takes two years to learn how to use the equipment the average salary is an impressive $66,281 per year. Over time you can work your way up to $98,748!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists

Does medical imaging intrigue you?

Ultrasounds aren’t the only equipment you can learn to use in only two years. You can also become a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist. You may recognize that title by it’s more commonly used acronym MRI.

MRI techs can expect to make an average of $73,125 per year with the top earners getting up to $99,704.

Radiation Therapist

Want to help win the fight against cancer?

Becoming a radiation therapist is an excellent way to do it. In this role, you would perform radiation treatments for patients with cancer and other diseases.

In return, you can expect an average salary of $75,260. Top earners in the field can enjoy a comfortable annual income of $106,587 per year.

Dental Assistant

We head back to the dental office for this one.

The program to become a dental assistant is even shorter, only 10 months, but you can expect a decent salary.

Dental assistants make $40,950 per year with more experienced assistants earning up to $56,550.

The Earning Potential of 2-Year Degrees

Who would’ve thought that there were so many options for potentially earning nearly $100,000 per year with only a 2-year degree?

You don’t have to go into thousands of dollars of student debt to land a good job.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to learn about our dental hygienist and assisting programs. In just 10 or 22 months you can be heading out into the workforce and enjoying a fulfilling, lucrative career.

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