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SODC Adds 36 More Spots to Its Hygienist and Assisting Programs

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Dental hygienists and assistants have some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of dentistry.

If you’re interested in taking up one of these careers, we’ve got great news for you. At Southern Ontario Dental College, we’ve expanded our dental assisting programs to accommodate more students.

Now, there are 36 more available spots. In this post, we’ll tell you what this means for prospective students.  

More Opportunity for Students Interested in Dental Assisting Programs

Read on to find out more about this exciting new development. 

Increasing Demand for Dental Hygienists and Assistants

The demand for dental hygienists jobs is rapidly growing.

In fact, the amount of positions available has grown by 285% since 2015. This creates a huge opportunity for those looking to start their careers in dentistry. At Southern Ontario Dental College, we wanted to expand our program to accommodate for that growth and facilitate these new opportunities for our students.

A Bright Future for Your Career

Dental hygienists and assistants may sound similar, but they’re not. In fact, they’re two completely different careers.

Hygienists play an important role in a patient’s care by cleaning their teeth, checking for signs of oral diseases and infections, and teaching patients how to improve and maintain their oral health.

Meanwhile, dental assistants support hygienists and dentists.

They do this by using saliva ejectors to make dental procedures easier, preparing and sterilizing dental instruments, and handling some of the administrative tasks. This can include the handling of patient records as well as taking x-rays.

Whichever role you choose, there’s a place for you at SODC. Our program expansion means we can accommodate more hopeful new students, helping them to kickstart their careers the right way. 

Teacher-Student Ratio

At SODC, we pride ourselves in keeping the perfect balance of teachers and students so that each person gets the attention they need to learn and flourish.

While we’d like to invite as many applicants as possible, it’s important to have a teacher-student ratio that maintains the high quality of our courses. 

Don’t Delay Your Application

This increase in available spots may be great news for those who want to join, but it doesn’t mean you can put your application on the backburner. 

These classes are expected to fill up as quickly as ever. Remember, we’re offering more spaces because the field is in such high demand. That means that the application process is still going to be competitive.

With this in mind, candidates are advised to get their applications in as soon as possible. The 36 new spots will be available for winter enrolment of the program, which begins on February 19, 2019.  

Apply Study With Us in 2019

At SODC, we’re dedicated to driving our students towards success. That’s why we have a 99% graduation rate and a 95% employment rate.

If you’re looking to start an exciting new career in the dental field, we can help you.

If you’re interested in joining one of our hygienist or dental assisting programs, contact us to get a free information pack. 

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