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See-Through Teeth: 5 Interesting Things to Show Patients on a Dental X-Ray

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Dentists often make dental X-rays seem routine, boring, and maybe even a little scary. But, you can make them interesting and use the images to teach patients about the structures they typically cannot see.

When people see through teeth for the first time, they often cannot believe how intricate they actually are. What cool things can you point out to your patients?

Amaze your patients by explaining to them what they actually see on their X-rays and use this experience to teach them the importance of good dental hygiene!

Read on to learn 5 interesting X-ray images worth pointing out.

Wow! Your Patients With Their See-Through Teeth

You can make the most out of your appointments with patients by showing them just how cool their x-rays are. Start with these tips.

1. Healthy Teeth X-Ray

Patients with a healthy smile will still give you a lot to look at in an X-ray image. Show them all of the normal structures that they want to protect by brushing and flossing regularly. Provide them with these fun facts!


In between the teeth, the gums protect layers of bone. This alveolar bone contains sockets that hold teeth into place.


You can see the white covering, made of a mineral substance stronger than bone, on a healthy X-ray. Point out how this portion protects the inner tooth.

Pulp Chamber

On a healthy X-ray, your patients can see a whole lot of pulp. They may not even realize that the soft pulp chamber containing the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue even exists inside the tooth.

2. Tooth Cavity X-Ray

What does a cavity look like on an x-ray? It appears as a dark area on the tooth, breaking into the white structure.

Point out how the enamel completely covers their healthy teeth. On the tooth or teeth, with the cavity, though, they will see a black spot starting at the surface. Explain to them that the deeper and larger this black mark, the worse the decay within the tooth.

3. Dental Abscess X-Ray

If your patient presents with sensitivity or pain, but cannot see anything wrong in their mouth, they may suffer from an abscess at the root of their tooth. They will finally see the cause of their pain as a dark area around the root of the tooth.

4. Periodontitis X-Ray

Showing your patient gum disease on the X-ray may help them start making better choices to prevent further peridontitis, like flossing daily, brushing regularly, and quitting smoking. It may shock them to see the gaps in the bone around the tooth sockets, especially when they learn that the tooth cannot stay in place without that surrounding structure.

5. Dental Procedure X-Ray

Fillings and dental implants literally light up the mouth on an X-ray. Show your patient the bright areas where prior work you did on them helped to fill in the decay and allow them to keep their smile. They will marvel at the difference between their actual teeth and the prosthetic material.

Strive for Enlightenment

Whether it comes to going the extra mile to teach your patients about their see-through teeth, or your own education, strive to reach enlightenment. This means always taking the opportunity to share what you know and learn the things you do not yet understand.

We want our students to always push through the limits of their knowledge. Apply today to begin your journey for success!

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