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On the Job-Hunt? 5 Tips for Getting a Job as a Dental Hygienist

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If you made the decision to go to school for dental hygiene, you made an excellent choice. Dental hygienists are in high demand in Canada and the field seems to just keep on growing.

But how do you land one of those coveted jobs?

Getting a job after dental school doesn’t have to be a mystery. Check out our five tips for getting a job as a dental hygienist.

1. Get Licensed

Walking across the stage to receive your diploma will be an exciting moment. Once you graduate, though, you’re still not done learning.

Before you can land your first job as a dental hygienist, you’ll still have to be licensed in your province. (Quebec is a notable exception.)

In every other province, you’ll need to study for and pass the exams set by a national licensing organization like the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board.

2. Join a Professional Organisation

It also wouldn’t hurt to join a professional organisation. Joining something like the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association can help you make new professional connections, which will expand your network.

It’s not uncommon to find jobs through word of mouth, so having a trusted network of people is key!

Associations will also often post jobs online, as well as offer you access to things like peer-reviewed research or professional development opportunities.

3. Review Your Resume

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure you take the time to review your resume. You want to make sure it’s the best reflection of your skills and experience.

If you haven’t graduated yet, put your graduation date on your resume along with the date you’re scheduled to take your boards. This will let employers know where you are in the process.

Triple check for typos or any other irregularities before you hit send.

4. Be Professional

When you land a job interview, the person across from you isn’t just looking to see if you have the knowledge needed to complete the job. They also want to see if you’d be a good addition to the workplace.

Are you going to be someone who patients request to see every time they come in for an appointment? How do you handle yourself in tricky situations?

Throughout the job search process, be sure you’re conducting yourself as professionally as possible. Dress well for your interview and be polite!

5. Know Your Passions

Sometimes the issue isn’t getting hired for a job, but deciding where you want to be hired in the first place. There are a lot of career options for a dental hygienist. Do you want to work with patients forever, or do you want to eventually move into a research position? Are you interested in teaching the next generation of hygienists?

Thinking about what you’re passionate about will help you narrow down where you should kick off your new career.

Land a Job as a Dental Hygienist

Whether you’re still in school or a recent graduate, these five tips will help you score a new job as a dental hygienist. This is a fantastic career path — enjoy your entrance into the field!

No matter where you are in your career, it’s always a good idea to keep learning. Discover how Southern Ontario Dental College can help you continue your education.

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