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Trade School vs. College: How to Tell Which Is Right for You

For education, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. While some students go to a traditional college, others may opt for a trade school. Deciding whether a trade school vs. college is right for you can be a hard decision. From choosing w ...

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The Highest Paying Jobs That Only Require 2-Year Degrees

Four years of school isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you’re trying to avoid the $26,000 of student debt that the average student in Canada graduates with. Or perhaps you just cringe at the idea of several more years of school. But ...

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Let’s Take a Look: Dental Hygienist vs. Dental Assistant

Over 104,000 Canadians are employed in dentist offices across the country. Because only a fraction of that number are actual dentists, each office relies on two other positions to keep offices running smoothly, care for patients, and more. ...

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Today’s Dental Landscape: 5 Reasons Continuing Education Credits are So Important

Today’s dental professionals stay ahead of the pack using continuing education credits. Don’t get left behind–get your dental career to fly high with these credits. This way, you can add value to your work, as well as your education ...

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What Different Career Paths Does a Dental Hygienist Have? Dentistry, Orthodontics, and More

You might assume that the career path as a dental hygienist is one-track. But you’d be wrong. If you’re enrolled (or thinking of enrolling) in a dental hygiene program then it’s good news for your career prospects. Ope ...

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Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth, Gently With Your Brush: How to Teach Oral Hygiene for Kids

How to Teach Oral Hygiene for Kids Your child hates brushing their teeth and you have to practically drag them into the dentist office kicking and screaming. You know it’s important to teach them good oral hygiene when they are young ...

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My Healthy Mouth and Me: How Taking Care of Your Teeth Helps Your Whole Body

Oral diseases affect 3.9 billion people in the world and for many of these people, their dental problems end up affecting other parts of their body. The truth is that you need to take care of your teeth for reasons other than the aesthet ...

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Career Forecast: Dental Hygienist Jobs

Forbes recently ranked Dental Hygienist as the #1 best job in health care in Canada. Are you looking for a new career? Have you considered dental hygienist jobs? On average, they make $34.64 per hour. Experts predict a 285% job growth fo ...

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How to Deal with Difficult Patients: A Guide for Dental Hygienists

Starting a new career in dentistry is a great feat, but surviving day-to-day has its challenges. Most of those challenges come in the form of regular patrons. There are right and wrong approaches to how to deal with difficult patients. Beli ...

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