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Is Dental Hygiene Liability Insurance Right for You? Is Any Other Insurance Needed?

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Though they are dedicated to providing care, healthcare professionals are among the most sued professions. Unfortunately, this distinguishment includes dentists and dental hygienists as well.

You’ve probably heard stories about botched surgery or misdiagnosis lawsuits. However, people trying to get money is one of the top reasons dental hygienists are sued. This is where medical malpractice insurance comes in.

Are you thinking about carrying dental hygiene liability insurance? Read on for all you need to know about this and other insurance you may need!

What is Dental Hygiene Liability Insurance?

Dental hygiene liability (DHL) insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that individuals may opt to carry. Most dental hygienists have some liability protection through their employer, but it may not offer full protection from liability suits.

This malpractice insurance fills in the gaps where hygienists may not be covered by employer insurance. Some services include risk management, expenses from depositions, and wage loss coverage.

Why Carry DHL Insurance?

Unfortunately, society seems to become more litigious each year. This is why doctors, lawyers, and even chefs and public servants face frequent lawsuits. Lawsuits include harm done by the practitioner or failure to diagnose problems correctly.

There are a number of reasons to carry additional liability insurance as a dental hygienist.

1. Legal Representation

Malpractice insurance can help cover legal fees in the event of litigation. Legal fees are one of the most worrisome and expensive things to face.

2. HIPAA Fines

While hygienists are trained to respect patient privacy, mistakes can happen. DHL insurance can also offer coverage in the event of a fine from a violation of health information privacy.

3. Assault Coverage

Sometimes you face challenging patients. They may be rude, anxious, or downright aggressive. Insurance options include coverage for damage to property brought on by an assault at your practice.

4. Wage and Loss Coverage

Attending hearings, depositions, and other trial-related appointments will cut into your leave time from work. DHL insurance can help cover your lost wages due to lawsuit-related events.

5. Licensing Board Investigation

A lawsuit may also trigger an investigation by licensing boards. If your licence is suspended, it will cost money to get it reinstated. Insurance will provide funds to cover these charges.

What Other Insurance Should You Consider?

Basically, there are two kinds of liability insurance. These are claim-based or occurrence.

Claim-based insurance is the more commonly carried type and is usually less expensive than occurrence insurance. The coverage must be in place at the time that the claim is made.

Occurrence insurance must be current as of the date that the treatment or problem occurred. Since this type of insurance covers you even if a claim is made after the policy has ended, it might be the best choice in the long run.

Get All the Facts

Dental hygiene liability insurance can provide peace of mind as you provide care. Southern Ontario Dental College has more information and resources to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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