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Emerging Technologies that are Changing the Dentistry Field

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Technological advancements are the driving force for change. Over the past decade, dentistry has experienced many changes. From 3D printing to Cloud apps, technology is reshaping the industry for the better.

Today, you cannot improve the lives of your patients with belt driven dental tools. What patients are looking for is less pain from dental injections. Also, they need non-invasive dental technologies and precise oral surgery.

For dental practices that have adopted the latest dental technologies, they are reaping the benefits of going digital.

Still on the fence about new dental technologies?

Read on to learn the emerging technologies that are changing the dentistry field.

1. Laser Technology

As one of the many dental technologies reshaping dentistry, laser technology helps to fix many issues. For instance, it is used in teeth whitening, removal of tooth decay, and reshaping gums. It is also used to prepare the tooth enamel before filling and for eradicating lesions.

With laser technology, patients are less likely to require sutures. Also, local anaesthesia is not needed. Laser technology helps in sterilizing the gums reducing infections and prevents loss of blood.

2. Cloud-Based Applications for Dental Technologies

The dentistry field has been transformed by the arrival of Cloud-based dental software. With Cloud-based apps, dentists are able to access patients records on the go. They also share information with practitioners on demand.

The integration of business intelligence has improved how dentists analyze patients data. By choosing third-party providers, dentists no longer need to hire a full time IT support team. This allows them to save money.

3. Digital Impressions

In the past, a visit to the dentist meant biting down on a piece of putty. Why? To provide the dentist with an impression of your teeth. This made it easy for the dentist to fabricate crowns.

Thanks to digital impressions, this is a thing of the past.

Today, dentists can use digital scanners able to scan and record large amounts of data with ease. Using the latest software, a digital scanner can render high-quality impressions. This helps to fast track fabrications.

Not only that, the digital scanner can identify the presence of weaknesses. This improves data accuracy.

4. Intraoral Camera

One of the most uncomfortable experience at the dentist’s office is spending hours with your mouth open. With the invention of the intraoral camera, patients don’t have to experience this.

The intraoral camera allows dentists to check inside the patient’s mouth. They use a dental mirror and a camera. Using the camera, the dentist views the captured image without patient discomfort.

5. Teledentistry

For those with disabilities or the elderly, few can make a visit to the dentist. With teledentistry, dentists can offer dental services to those with special needs. This type of technology is beneficial to those living in rural areas too.

Technology in dentistry enables dentists to capture useful images, and take clinical notes. For further evaluation, the dentist can suggest a visit to the local dentist.

Latest Dental Technologies for Your Practice

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to invest in the latest dental technologies. With new technologies, you will get to carry out your practice seamlessly. Not only that. Innovations in dentistry can boost your bottom line and improve your service delivery.

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