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Dental Fields that Get Paid the Most

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If you’re interested in the field of dentistry and want to learn about some of the hottest jobs, dental assistant and dental hygiene jobs are where it’s at.

These two dental fields are constantly growing. For instance, the dental assistant career is set to grow by about 20% in the coming years.

Success in this industry is tangible when you take the right path. To get started, consider the points below.

Dental Assistant Jobs

The dental assistant track is one of the best because you get to work side-by-side with oral health professionals that make a difference.

One of the first benefits of the job is that you get to see something different each and every day. Patients have a variety of needs, so you won’t generally see the exact same types of cases each day.

You get to take a hands-on approach with your work, rather than simply sitting behind the desk and staring at a screen for hours.

In recent years, there are more than 300,000 dental assistant jobs on the market. You can expect these jobs to grow as the industry expands.

When you go down this career path, you will be better able to grow your experience and will help patients get the most of their oral health. In terms of salary, you can expect to earn a median income of approximately $74,000 per year.

You’ll want to enroll in an associate’s or bachelor’s program in order to take this career track.

Dental Hygienist Jobs

Teeth cleaning is one of the most common and important jobs that dentists undergo. Patients are encouraged to visit the dentist once or twice each year so that that can get cleanings and x-rays.

Dental hygienists often handle teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and other procedures for patients during appointments.

You’ll be able to help people wear winning smiles that not only look great but help them stay healthy overall.

Put Yourself in a Position to Thrive

In order to grow within the field, it’s important that you take time to learn your craft.

Each state has different certification processes to follow, so it’s important to learn the entry-level requirements. Once you enroll in a dental college, make sure that you set your life up to study and learn all of the necessary material.

By logging the right amount of training and classroom hours and fulfilling the requirements of your state, you’ll be well on your way toward getting started in your career.

Carve out time to study each and every day and make sure to use flash cards, join study groups and take practice exams.

Research the Hottest Dental Fields

When you’re interested in breaking into various dental fields, keep these two at the top of your list.

The dental assistant and hygiene track can be a fruitful one as long as you do your research and get the education that you need. Consider this advice if these are fields that suit your interests.

For more information about the dental field and how you can enroll in our dental college, contact us today.

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