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Dental Assistant Qualifications: The Traits You’ll Need for Success

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A dental assistant has a lot of responsibility.

In this growing field, more people are studying hard to become dental assistants these days. Dental assistant employment is expected to grow by 19 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Are you looking for qualifications that make for a great dental assistant?

These are a few qualifications necessary for a successful career in the field of dentistry.

1. Organization Skills

One of the many dental assistant qualifications to keep in mind as you consider a path to becoming a dental assistant is organization.

You need to have plenty of organization skills as a dental assistant.

When it comes to spending time on the job, you will be told to keep track of patient information. In the dental exam room, it will be your job to fetch the tools necessary for the dentist and dental hygienist to perform their tasks in a timely manner.

Having top organization skills will be essential for success as a dental assistant. You will also escort patients to the proper exam rooms and prepare materials for new appointments.

2. Dental Assistant Qualifications Include People Skills

In addition to organizational skills, it’s also imperative to have great people skills as a dental assistant. In the office setting, you will be in charge of talking with the patients and insurance companies during the day.

People skills are important to have so you can make old and new patients feel at ease once they step into the office.

Going to the dentist is not easy for everyone! Some people feel nervous and scared to visit the dentist, so it’s your job as a dental assistant to help patients feel less afraid!

3. Teamwork

One more aspect of working as a dental assistant is an openness to working well with others. There will be other dental assistants working in the same dental office, which means you need to cooperate others to get work done.

Efficiency to get the job done in a timely manner will fall onto your shoulders. As a dental assistant, you will be working closely with doctors in one office.

Your job requires building strong relationships with the doctors to make things run as smoothly as possible on a daily basis.

4. Certifications

One final qualification to work as a dental assistant includes certifications. One must obtain licensing through a board exam.

Certifications for advancements are put into place for certain cities. Most dental programs take 10 months to complete. Students will learn in a classroom setting and in a hands-on office.

Contact the Board of Dental Examiners for specific requirements.

Looking to Become a Dental Assistant?

These are just a few key dental assistant qualifications to consider if you are interested in looking at the field for your next job opportunity.

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