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Tips to Help You Get Through Dental Hygienist School

As a future dental hygienist, you know that you have a lot of hard work in between you and your career. Sure, dental hygienist school is difficult and requires full dedication. But how rewarding would it be to graduate college without any e ...

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How to Get a Dental Hygienist Degree: The Classes and Training You’ll Need

While salaries for dental hygienists vary depending on your geographical location, the average salary is $67,763 per year. That’s $34.75 per hour. Experienced hygienists can make up to $95,843 while an entry-level hygienist earns ar ...

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The Success of Dental Assisting Careers: Where Your Dental Assistant License Can Take You

High income, job stability, great work-life balance, and more… These are just some of the great things you can expect if you pursue a career in dental assisting. But does that mean you can only work in a dental clinic? Like other my ...

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Emerging Technologies that are Changing the Dentistry Field

Technological advancements are the driving force for change. Over the past decade, dentistry has experienced many changes. From 3D printing to Cloud apps, technology is reshaping the industry for the better. Today, you cannot improve the l ...

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Career Guide: How to Become a Dental Hygienist

The sixth largest regulated profession in Canada is a dental hygienist. Currently, 26,000 to 29,000 dental hygienists are practising in Canada. Not only can they work in community health but sales, marketing, and research too. To perform ...

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Rocking Your Resume: How to Write a Dental Hygiene Resume

There are 82 dental hygienists for every 100,000 Canadians. That’s to say there’s still room for someone with your skill set. All you need is a killer dental hygiene resume. That’s easier said than done, right? Of course. ...

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Easing Their Fears: 4 Dental Hygienist Tips for Treating Difficult Patients

Fear of visiting the dentist is real, affecting around 16 percent of people. It stems from fear of pain, discomfort, or dislike of sitting with one’s mouth open. Trust issues also form over time from bad experiences at the dental of ...

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Starting Your Journey: 4 Tips for Getting Into Dental Hygiene School

The job outlook for dental hygienists is expected to grow by 20% between 2016 and 2026. This is higher than the national average growth rate of any other profession. As the demand for dental hygienists increases, so is the competition for ...

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A Bright Future: Dental Hygienist Salary and Job Outlook

Curious about a career as a dental hygienist, but not sure how much you’ll make? We have good news! The average dental hygienist salary keeps increasing each year. Keep reading to discover the essential information you’ll need in decid ...

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