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SODC Adds 36 More Spots to Its Hygienist and Assisting Programs

Dental hygienists and assistants have some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of dentistry. If you’re interested in taking up one of these careers, we’ve got great news for you. At Southern Ontario Dental College, ...

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How to Decide if a Career in Dentistry is Right for You

Are you thinking about becoming a dental assistant, hygienist, or dentist? Read on to learn if a career in dentistry is right for you. ...

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How to Comfort a Patient with Dental Anxiety

The bright lights. The sharp tools. The prospect of throwing up while laying in the dental chair. These are all common factors that people fear when visiting the dentist. As many as 1 in 5 people avoid the dentist due to dental anxiety. Tha ...

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Here Are All the Studying Tips You Need to Pass Your Next Dental Exam!

A 3.5 GPA in undergraduate school is the best starting place to get into dental school. If you managed a 3.5 in undergraduate, you’re no stranger to studying up for difficult tests. Maybe you’re out of practice, or you got lucky ...

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5 Signs You Should Pursue a Dental Assistant Career

Do you like caring for people and practising good oral hygiene? Then you may want to consider a dental assistant career. Dental assistants perform duties in a dental practice such as taking patient x-rays, sterilizing tools, and assisting d ...

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Surprising Benefits That Add to Dental Hygienist Job Satisfaction

Are you considering a dental hygienist program? If so, you have a lot to look forward to. Aside from a rewarding career path, dental hygienist jobs offer a high level of job satisfaction too. Wondering if it’s the right career for you ...

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A Day In the Life: What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

If you’ve thought about becoming a dental assistant, thanks to a major surge in job growth, there’s no time like the present. But before you take the first step on your new career path? You might wonder about the standard dental ...

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Dentist vs. Dental Hygienist: Pros and Cons

Are you trying to decide whether to pursue a career as a dental hygienist? There are 29,246 dental hygienists registered in Canada. This makes it the sixth largest regulated health profession in the country! It can be an appealing career fo ...

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On the Job-Hunt? 5 Tips for Getting a Job as a Dental Hygienist

If you made the decision to go to school for dental hygiene, you made an excellent choice. Dental hygienists are in high demand in Canada and the field seems to just keep on growing. But how do you land one of those coveted jobs? Getting a ...

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