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Career Checklist: Dental Assistant Job Duties

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Are you looking for a promising career that won’t leave you wondering about the future? Look no further.

Jobs for dental assistants are booming, and the job growth is higher than you’d think. Currently, the growth rate for dental assistants is over 100, and there are thousands of postings.

But before you start pursuing this career, it’s best to ask the right questions. Especially questions about dental assistant job duties.

Dental Assistant Job Duties

If you became an assistant, what would you be doing? Here are some things that you would do in a dentists office.

1. They Assist the Dentist

As the job title suggests, you’ll do a lot of assisting as a dental assistant. If you’re more about having the spotlight on you, you may want to rethink this career.

The type of assisting you’ll do depends on the dentist and what he wants. You’ll likely help take X-rays, and you’ll help with equipment and other tools. Don’t forget that you’ll also be cleaning and sterilizing tools after the procedure.

2. Administrative Jobs and Duties

Something else that’s vital to the role of a dental assistant is admin work.

This means you’ll talk with patients about what to expect. You may also help the dentist with records, keeping track and remind them of procedures.

These aren’t difficult jobs in themselves, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Your job is critical to keeping things running at a smooth pace for the dentist and their patients.

Critical Dental Assistant Skills

Before you jump into a field, it’s always a good idea to brush up on information. Here is a dental assistant skills list, and much more, that will help you decide.

1. Interpersonal Communication Skills

Communication is a critical part of life. But when you work in a field such as dentistry, it’s even more so. The reason is that people are already nervous about seeing the dentist.

When they come in, it’s your job to put them at ease. But it’s also your job to handle difficult patients with a calm response.

2. Be Good with Details

Are you good at keeping notes? Do you remember the small things? Are you organized?

These are all great skills to have as a dental assistant. The reason is that the dentist is going to rely on you to keep track of the minor details. They’re too busy trying to work on patients to keep track of the small things.

3. Knowledge of Technology

In this day, a basic idea of how a computer works is critical. No one is asking you to be a tech wizard. Only that you won’t need help every time you have to use the computer for files.

Also, learning to use technology fast is a great skill to have. You’ll be working with X-rays and much more. The last thing you want to is to have to ask someone for help every time.

Southern Ontario Dental College

These lists of dental assistant job duties might seem a little daunting now. But the truth is, when you go to a dental college you’ll learn them all.

If you’re interested in dentistry, enroll in Southern Ontario Dental College. Contact us for information about the programs available to you.

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