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Basic Dental Care: 5 Facts Everyone Should Know

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Healthy teeth are essential for oral hygiene and a beautiful smile. It is one of the first things that someone notices about you.

You could say that your teeth are like your personal calling card but it goes way beyond looks. Failing to stay on top of your oral health can lead to disastrous consequences down the line.

Today, we’re going to look at the top dentistry issues and basic dental care.

Read ahead to see five facts the experts say you need to know!

1. The Truth About Cavities and Basic Dental Care

You may have gotten a few dental cavities at some point in your life, such as the month following Halloween as a kid.

As the name implies, a dental cavity is a hole inside the tooth. This is the result of tooth decay breaking down the enamel.

Bacteria inside the mouth thrive when we consume sugary food. They metabolize the sugar into acid that can erode the teeth. Water, the fluoride in toothpaste, and your own saliva help to prevent the appearance of cavities.

2. Signs You Need to See The Dentist

There are several signs of teeth problems that you should never ignore. They could be an indicator of severe underlying health conditions.

Everyone gets ulcers, blisters or some types of sores in their life. But if they are very recurrent or last more than a couple of weeks you might want to get a checkup.

Other important symptoms you should always report to your dentist include easy bleeding, chronic bad breath (halitosis), increased sensitivity, receding gums, and clicking of the jaw. The list goes on and on. When in doubt, speak out.

3. Your Mouth Is Chock-Full of Germs

But that may not necessarily be a bad thing. The human oral microbiome consists of well over 100 different types of bacteria.

Depending on your oral hygiene, you could have thousands to even millions of bacteria living on each tooth.

Before you chug some hydrogen peroxide, remember that these bacteria serve a purpose. They aid in the digestion of food and even protect you from more harmful bacteria that could be lurking.

4. The Biggest Causes of Oral Disease

They say everything happens for a reason. Dental problems are no different.

The biggest culprits are poor brushing, overconsumption of sugary products, and smoking. If most people covered these basic pillars of dental health, there would be a lot fewer people with cavities and gingivitis.

However, there are many medical conditions that can involve the teeth, sometimes in a surprising way. People with HIV/AIDS, chronic vomiting, diabetes, and those taking certain medications could be at a higher risk for dental problems.

5. Yes, You Should Floss

Flossing isn’t very fun, especially if you’re not used to doing it!

However, flossing is the best way to remove bacteria and tartar in between teeth. Brushing generally only cover the front and the top, so flossing helps to get the rest of your tooth nice and clean.

Enjoying Your Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Having dental problems can put a huge damper on not only your mood, but also your overall health.

Fortunately, there is always something you can do about it.

Contact us for everything you need to know about basic dental care and other dentistry issues!

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