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A Guide to Understand Dental School Admissions

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Are you ready to begin taking the first steps on your journey to dental school? A career in dentistry can be very exciting and fulfilling. Before you start, you might want to be aware of the dental school requirements.

Whether you plan on starting in the upcoming school year or you’re just planning for your future, knowing the requirements ahead of time will help you. You can take any necessary steps and classes that you might need before applying.

Dental school can be incredibly competitive. Getting everything sorted ahead of time is crucial if you want the opportunity to get into a program.

Keep reading to learn all about the standard dental school requirements so that when you’re ready to apply, you’re prepared and ready to succeed.

What Are the Dental School Requirements?

Accredited dental education programs have hefty requirements for their potential students. Some are academic, and some are simply tasks that need to be completed to show aptitude and intention.

Academic Requirements

First, all prospective Canadian dental students should expect to take the Dental Aptitude Test (or DAT). This is a test that discerns whether or not a potential student is well-suited for a career in dentistry, and is necessary before the first year of schooling.

There are also education requirements. All potential students must have completed secondary school or its equivalent.

Students must also have certain credits with a college or university. These credits must be passed with a minimum of a 70% score. These courses need to be senior courses in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Social Sciences. Social sciences can include Law, Psychology, Sociology, History, and others.

Students must also have acceptable scores in their senior elective coursework.

Official transcripts bearing this information need to be included alongside the application and application fee in order to be considered. The transcripts should be in an official envelope from the institution and should be unopened.

Other Requirements

Beyond academic dental school requirements, each prospective student will also need letters of recommendation. These should show their professional attributes and accolades.

One of these letters can be from a professional that the student has learned under. This can be a professor or an advisor. The other, though, should be from a healthcare professional.

These letters should help explain the student’s aptitude for a career in dentistry.

Finally, all dental school applicants need to write a statement of purpose (or a personal statement).

This is a brief piece of writing in which the student explains their motivation for going to dental school. They should also discuss why their education and experience make them a worthwhile applicant. This is where the student gets to really sell themself.

Dental School is Within Your Grasp

A career in dentistry is rewarding, and you can get there with the right dental school. Make sure that you’ve fulfilled all of the necessary dental school requirements before submitting your application. Then you’ll be well on your way to a new career.

For more information on how to get a start in dentistry, visit our site and request a free information kit.

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