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A Brief Introduction to the Dental Hygienist Job Outlook

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It’s hard knowing what career to pursue. You want something that you not only enjoy, but also has a good salary and a positive outlook.

Dental hygiene is one of the fastest-growing fields in Canada, with excellent pay and affordable certification.

Keep reading and we’ll show you that the dental hygienist job outlook is bright.

Dental Hygienist Job Outlook

In Canada, dental hygiene is the fastest-growing field for small-to-medium-sized businesses. This forward trend is not unique to our country.

In America, for example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the dental hygiene field is expected to grow 11% from 2018-2028. This is 1% higher than health technologists and 6% higher than all occupations.

The demand for dental hygienists is increasing because baby boomers are aging. People are retaining their teeth longer, meaning they need more dental work done over their lifetime.

Additionally, more people are discovering the link between oral health and overall health. Because of this, more people are taking the time to visit the dentist.

How Much Does a Dental Hygienist Make?

According to Neuvoo, the average dental hygienist salary is $68,250 per year (or $35 an hour). Entry-level positions typically start at $48,750 per year.

Many dental programs take 2-3 years, making it a more affordable option compared to a four-year university. At Southern Ontario Dental College, our program is only 22 months long.

These accelerated programs place you in the workforce sooner. In only a couple of years, you can begin making a better salary.

What Kind of Hours Do Dental Hygienists Work?

Dental hygiene is a flexible field, with many practices offering part-time and full-time positions.

Part-time work is ideal for some dental hygienists because they want the extra time to pursue other interests. Some dental hygienists prefer to hold part-time jobs for more than one dental practice.

People need dental work regardless of where they live, so dental hygienists have the ability to work anywhere. Job prospects are better in rural communities, however, because there is less competition than there would be in a city.

What Else Can I Do With a Dental Hygiene Degree?

Earning a dental hygiene degree doesn’t mean that you must be a dental hygienist forever. There are plenty of other career paths, like dentistry, education, and orthodontics.

Here are some other careers you can pursue with your degree:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Dental Supplies Sales
  • Dental Public Health Officer
  • Dental Office Manager
  • Dental Insurance Officer
  • Hospital/Nursing Home Consultant
  • Community Clinic Administrator
  • Educational Researcher

Never feel like you are “stuck” in your career when you have a dental hygiene degree! You can even work in non-traditional settings, like a correctional facility.

Get Started On a Bright Future

The dental hygienist job outlook is optimistic. In just two short years, you can find yourself a well-paying job in a field that’s growing.

At Southern Ontario Dental College, we want to help you achieve your goals. Browse our website or request information to learn how you can get started today!

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