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7 Potential Dentistry Career Paths

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Dentistry is a thriving industry. This is hardly surprising when you consider more, and more of us are seeking cosmetic dental treatments, and regularly visit dental practices in search of that perfect white smile.

So, if you’re researching potential career opportunities, dentistry is a promising field to get into. In this post, we’ll discuss seven dentistry career paths for you to consider. Hopefully one of them might be of interest to you!

Let’s dive in.

1. Medical Receptionist

Not every job in the dental field requires many years of study or medical experience. A medical receptionist can earn an average of $14.29 an hour and works in a dental office.

They handle basic clerical tasks, such as scheduling appointments or answering phones.

Required Education: High school diploma or GED.

2. Medical Biller

Medical Billers work in the dental office. They calculate and collect payment for procedures.

They also update patient information, prepare invoices, and submit bills to insurance companies. They also ensure all dental treatments and procedures are accurately and quickly billed for. Medical billers can make $16.39 an hour.

Required Education: A high school diploma, an optional bachelor’s degree in a related field, and a few years of experience.

3. Dental Assistant

Dental assistants work alongside dentists. They help them perform patient care and help with any needs the dentist might have during the procedures, treatments, or exams.

Dental assistants can’t perform the same procedures as a licensed dental hygienist. They earn $17.73 an hour (on average).

Required Education: You must have completed a dental assisting program. The program takes ten months to complete and offers Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications. On top of this, you can also take an exam to become certified by the Dental Assisting national board.

4. Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienists provide preventive dental care. This includes exams, cleaning teeth, and educating on good practices. They polish and remove plaque from teeth and maintain the patient’s dental health.

Dental hygienists work under a licensed dentist and earn, on average $37.79 per hour.

Required Education: Completion of a high school diploma and dental hygiene degree.

5. Dentist

Dentists diagnose and treat issues relating to the mouth, gums, and teeth. They perform examinations, analyze X-Rays, and develop treatment plans.

They may also file cavities and remove teeth as well as perform other treatments and procedures. Dentists earn an average of $203,900 per year.

Required Education: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited dental school. This takes four years in a full-time program. You must also pass a clinical test and written exam to become licensed

6. Periodontist

A Periodontist diagnoses and treats the gum and bones that surround the jaw.

Typical jobs include:

  • Placing implants
  • Providing preventive care
  • Develop treatment plans
  • Performing tissue reductions
  • Providing surgical and non-surgical gum treatments.

Periodontist’s earn an average of $240,725 a year.

Required education: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited dental school. You’ll also need to complete a residency program with a focus on gum tissues, and pass a clinical and written exam to obtain a license.

7. Orthodontist

Orthodontists examine and treat anomalies in the oral cavity and dental malocclusions. They focus on straightening teeth and jaws through braces and retainers.

They also analyze x-ray images, develop treatment plans, and study a patient’s dental histories. Orthodontists make $216,818 per year on average.

Required education: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited dental school, a certification in orthodontics (three additional years), and you must hold a valid license for whatever state they’re operating in.

Ready to Explore One of These Dentistry Career Paths?

If you’re fresh out of high school, you have a few options if you’re considering a career in the dental field. Many promising career paths could lead to both fulfilling and high-paying roles.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today!

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