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7 Most Common Questions Asked by Dental Care Patients

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In Canada, between 48 and 60 percent of the population experiences fear or anxiety about having to go to the dentist. Many of their fears stem from the notion that they are going to be poked, scraped, gagged, or choked by common dental treatments or procedures.

You know that dental care is an important part of ensuring your patient’s overall health, so finding a way to make dental care patients comfortable is important.

One of the ways to accomplish this goal is by communicating with patients and answering their questions. Read on to discover the common questions asked by dental patients.

1. Do I Really Need to go to the Dentist Twice a Year?

Since so many people are afraid or experience anxiety about going to the dentist, they will try to go as infrequently as possible. The answer to this question will vary depending on the state of your patient’s mouth.

As long as their teeth and gums are healthy, a patient should visit the dentist twice a year for dental exams and cleaning. If they have a history of gum disease or other problems, then they may need to visit more often.

By explaining that frequent visits are in their best interest, you may be able to convince your patients to show up for their recommended appointments.

2. What Exactly Is a Cavity?

If a patient experiences tooth pain, they may assume they have a cavity. While many people know this is bad, they may not know exactly what a cavity is.

Explaining what a cavity is and letting them know how they are taken care of can reduce a lot of their fears and anxieties about treatment.

You might also use this opportunity to kindly suggest that coming in for regular appointments can reduce the chances of cavities forming.

3. How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

A lot of people want a brighter smile, so they will be wondering how to whiten teeth.

Take the time to explain that having a professional help with this procedure will ensure they get a customized treatment that will make their smile look dazzling and last for longer than the products they buy at the store.

4. Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Cold?

Since so many people are afraid or anxious to go to the dentist, they will put off making an appointment until they experience pain or discomfort. Thus, one of the questions you will get asked often will be why their teeth are sensitive.

The answer to this question will depend on the patient’s ailment, as will the treatment. However, giving them an answer and explaining the need for regular dental care can assure them that this issue can be handled.

5. What Should I Do in the Case of a Dental Emergency?

Many patients will be wondering what they need to do if they chip or break a tooth outside of regular office hours. Informing them of your policy and reassuring them that you will be there to help with any problem can give them peace of mind.

6. Are X-Rays Safe?

Many people are concerned about being exposed to radiation, especially if they are bringing their child for a dental X-ray. Reassure and let them know that the radiation used in dental X-rays is minimal and the procedure is safe.

7. Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Another reason patients will make a dental appointment will be because they have noticed that their gums are bleeding. This could be due to a number of things, including brushing too hard or the presence of gum disease.

Let them know that the cause will be established after an assessment. If the cause is gum disease, let your patient know that you will work together to correct the problem.

Putting Dental Care Patients at Ease

With so many people experiencing fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist, it can be hard to get them to come in for regular appointments. But by taking the time to put them at ease by answering their questions, you may be able to get them in more often.

If you’re ready to learn the best way to put dental care patients at ease and take care of their oral health, contact Southern Ontario Dental College and learn the skills you need to provide excellent dental health care.

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