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5 Signs You Should Pursue a Dental Assistant Career

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Do you like caring for people and practising good oral hygiene? Then you may want to consider a dental assistant career.

Dental assistants perform duties in a dental practice such as taking patient x-rays, sterilizing tools, and assisting during procedures.

The demand for dental assistants is expected to grow by 19% through 2026. That’s just one reason to consider this career path. Here are five signs a dental assistant career may be right for you.

1. You Like People

It goes without saying that working in a dental clinic means you have to be great with people and able to help them relax if they’re nervous about seeing the dentist. As a dental assistant, you’ll be expected to tend to patients of all ages and background, from young children to the elderly. You’ll also be working closely with the dentist and staff.

If you’re able to make a connection with people and you enjoy caring for them, a dental assistant career may be a good move for you.

2. You’re Interested in Dentistry

If you’ve developed an interest in dentistry and would like to learn more about the connection between a healthy mouth and the rest of the body, then a dental assistant job is a great career move. How do you become a dental assistant? You’ll be required to complete certain courses in biology before studying dental topics to land a job as a level I or level II assistant.

You should also have an interest in attending seminars and taking additional courses once you land a job. Continuing education is a very important part of a successful dental career.

3. You Like a Flexible Work Schedule

Since most dental practices hold evening and weekend hours, a job as a dental assistant may require you to work different hours outside the usual nine-to-five period.

Many dental assistants also do not work full time. This can be a good thing if you like variety, if you have a side job, or if you’re a parent who wants to spend more time at home with your family.

4. You Are Detail Oriented and Reliable

As a dental assistant, you’ll be expected to perform important duties such as cleaning instruments and making appointments for patients. This often requires careful attention to detail and showing up on time for work so patients can stay on schedule. If these traits are inherent to you, you might make a good dental assistant.

5. You’re Interested in Growth Opportunities

Once you become a dental assistant, you may want to take the next step to become a dental hygienist or go back to school to eventually become a dentist. Dental assistants and hygienists have totally different careers.

A dental assisting job is definitely a stepping stone with opportunities for growth. And if you relocate to another part of the country, it’s easy to find another dental assistant job close to home.

A Dental Assistant Career May be Right for You

A dental assistant career can become a very rewarding job path for you. You’ll get to help people take care of their smile and make important contributions on a daily basis to a dental practice.

We can help you take the first step towards dental assistant training. Request your free information kit to learn more about your next career.

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