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5 Reasons to Consider a Dental Residency Program

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Is a dental residency program worth the cost? Is it worth the time? Is it worth putting off job hunting?

If you already have a dental degree and are contemplating whether or not a dental residency program is worth it, you need to keep reading!

1. Grow Your Skills

One of the largest and most obvious benefits of a dental residency program is the ability to grow your skills. As a college graduate with a dental degree, you already have a great general base of knowledge of the dental world, but by working in a residency program you’ll be able to expand that knowledge even more.

Not only will you have more to add to your resume, but with dental education, you’ll have skills that are transferrable to other lines of work as well, even to travel. From people skills to an uncanny ability to understand clients while they have cotton and hands in their mouths, you’ll grow as a dentist and a person!

2. Specialize

Within a dental residency program, you’ll be able to choose what kinds of patients and with what types of dental issues you specifically want to work with.

Examples of different specialty areas include:

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency
  • Orthodontics Residency
  • Periodontics Residency
  • Prosthodontics Residency
  • Dental Oncology
  • Maxillofacial Prosthetics

While those with a general dentistry practice degree will lead fairly standard dental procedures, by pursuing a residency program you’ll have the ability to practice very sought after medical procedures or general dentistry, should you choose to.

3. Create Connections

Another great benefit of a dental residency program is that you’ll have an opportunity to connect with some of the most well-known professionals in the dental field.

You’ll also have a fantastic opportunity to connect with your fellow students. Who knows, you might even be opening a practice with one of them someday!

4. Return on Investment

One of the biggest questions for students who are considering pursuing a dental residency is the question of cost. Unlike other medical residencies, you don’t get paid during the time and you need to pay tuition.

However, the cost will pay off! General dentists make about $142,000 per year while those who specialize in orthodontics, for example, could make $234,000 per year.

The more specialized and sought after your skills are, the more you’ll make. It just goes to show that although there is a cost for dental education, you’ll be making a huge return on your investment.

5. Be a Business Owner

Finally, a great benefit of dental education is the chance to be a business owner! Many dentists and specialists own their own practices, so alongside the excitement of dental activities, you’ll also get to try your hand at business management. Just another thing to add to your resume!

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Now that you know the impressive benefits of a dental residency program, get started today!

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