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Dental Hygiene

The SODC Dental Hygiene program is an innovative curriculum designed to provide students with the maximum amount of hands-on experiential education. The ultimate goal is help SODC students become skilled Dental Hygiene Professionals who are committed to lifelong learning. It is a quality Dental Hygiene program known for its modern, well-equipped facilities, and respected for its 99% graduation rate and 95% employment rate.   

SODC is NOW accepting applications for enrollment. Please call 905-304-4706!

Dental Hygiene Program Specifics

  • Program commences each September
  • 22 months in duration
  • Consists of 4 consecutive terms
  • Each term is 22 weeks with a break of 2 weeks between terms

The SODC Dental Hygiene program is similar in structure to comparable programs in Canadian universities and colleges. It is 22 months in duration, and is divided into 4 consecutive terms.  Each term consists of 22 weeks, a 10–1–10 delivery. 10 weeks of instruction, 1 week off, followed by 10 weeks of instruction. Further to this, time is allotted between terms for exams and supplemental exams.

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are client care clinic days. The practical application of clinical skills begins simultaneously with academic instruction from the very first week of school.

New Competencies and Standards

In 2011, Dental Hygiene Education in Ontario underwent revisions that were intended to improve the implementation of the Dental Hygiene programs throughout the Province.

The curriculum was revised to include the new “Entry to Practice” Competencies along with the current Standards for Canadian Dental Hygienists. The National Competencies were implemented in Dental Hygiene programs across Canada, with each province adapting according to an individualized timeline.

Dental Hygiene Program fees

The Dental Hygiene Program is 22 months in duration costing $39,159.00. Tuition includes the following:

  • All required textbooks
  • A complete set of periodontal instruments
  • 1 dental model (typodont)
  • 1 pair of scrubs
  • 1 lab coat
  • 1 set of safety glasses
  • In-class resource materials (handouts, etc.)