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Continuing Education

The field of oral health sciences continues to advance, and you need to advance with it. Whether you’re a practicing dental hygienist or a practicing dental assistant, professional development courses and continuing education packages can help you in many ways: Round out or complete your skill set. Quickly adopt new technologies. Be more confident and better prepared for exams. Meet your Quality Assurance guidelines set out by CDHO.

SODC’s Innovative Education packages allow you to meet your goal and complete your learning activities in a short, convenient, period of time. We offer non-sponsored, non-biased courses using only the most current information.

The Continuing Education Program focuses on quality and application of material. SODC instructors are Dental Hygienists with advanced dental hygiene education are are experienced Educators. All courses have a strong foundation in the learning outcomes which instructors use to guide students progress through their program.

At SODC the goal of our Continuing Education Program is to provide useful tools, help refine skills, identify best practices and impart information on current trends to enhance and enrich your Dental Hygiene Practice.

We offer small class sizes to ensure that you get personalized instruction in a relaxed learning environment.

We will help you create a goal statement that is ideal for you, and we will coach you on completing your activities and document for that goal.

Why SODC for professional development and continuing education?

  • Cutting-edge facility
  • Experienced educators
  • Current information
  • Small class sizes
  • Non-sponsored, non-biased
  • Access to public transportation
  • Free on-site parking